Uptake Bio

When cancer cells are subjected to oncological treatment for a longer period of time, they often develop a molecular shield that protects them from drugs and the immune system of the host. Consequently, the tumor starts growing again. In addition, a significant number of patients do not respond to the drugs at all due to this mechanism.

Based on recent and cutting-edge science at Lund University, Uptake Bio’s overarching aim is to develop a novel therapy that effectively destroys the shield and opens the tumor for the host’s potent attack. The tumor will be erased by the company’s proprietary antibody molecule. This is immune oncology in its essence.

The team behind Uptake Bio AB has a long and proven record of developing monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy and cancer diagnostics, including the foundation of Alligator Bioscience AB, Immunovia AB, Cantagia AB and Diaprost AB.

Did you know?

Despite the revolution due to immunotherapy within cancer, there are still up to 60% non-responders in certain types of cancers.

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