Early detection of pancreatic cancer.

For most pancreatic cancer patients, the diagnosis comes too late, when the disease is no longer curable. Earlier diagnosis takes 5-year survival expectancy from a couple of percent to more than 40%, but efficient means of screening is lacking.  

With a diagnostic test for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Reccan addresses the global market for both monitoring high-risk patients and early detection when symptoms arise. The Reccan Immunoassay, along with its accompanying software, is built on biomarkers specific to pancreatic cancer. 

Reccan is based on extensive research by Professor Roland Andersson, MD, at Lund University and decades of surgical experience. Malin Bornschein, PhD and the CEO of Reccan, comes with broad experience from several positions within the life sciences industry. 

Did you know?

Our founder Professor Roland Andersson has been active within pancreatic cancer surgery for almost 40 years! 

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