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    Parashar Dhapola, CEO

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    HealthTech, SaaS, Biotech software


Nygen Analytics is transforming the genomics industry by building cloud-first software solutions for data analytics and discovery.

Parashar Dhapola is a PhD in Computational Biology from Lund University. He founded Nygen Analytics in 2022 with Göran Karlsson, PhD to create affordable and accessible solutions for analysing complex genomics data. Applying his interdisciplinary expertise in genomics, machine learning and cloud technologies, Parashar laid the foundations of ScarfWeb, an “always-on” single-cell genomics data analysis platform. As a result, research professionals can now generate meaningful results with only a few clicks and without worrying about complex computational infrastructure or programming.

Did you know?

Due to the lack of data standardization in genomics, the cost of re-analyzing public data can be more than that for in-house datasets!

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