New technologies for next-gen antibody therapeutics

AAX Biotech is a research-driven biotech company with proprietary technologies that solve unmet needs in the development of next-generation antibody therapeutics. The company’s two unique and patentable technologies improve the performance and developability of antibody-based therapeutics.

With the Seqitope™ technology, drug developers can accelerate drug development by resolving in detail epitope-binding properties at an early stage. The second technology – Opti-mAb™ – is a molecular stabilization strategy for scFv antibodies, providing significantly more stable, non-aggregating and therefore cost-effective drug development and improved pharmacological properties.

AAX Biotech is the winner of the AbbVie Scandinavia Golden Ticket, launched in collaboration with SmiLe, thereby receiving a membership in SmiLe’s incubator program. 

Maria Lisa Knudsen, the CEO of AAX Biotech, brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and commercial acumen. Her experience ranges from a PhD in Infection Biology from Karolinska Institutet and an extensive international background in immunology, virology, and vaccines, along with experience in business development at Salipro Biotech AB, where she led global business initiatives and technology out-licensing. With her track record in evaluating scientific technologies for commercialization, gained from her time at Fred Hutch, combined with her commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives, Maria is dedicated to driving AAX Biotech’s mission of innovating in antibody-based medicine development and scaling the company’s commercial reach.

Did you know?

While the name AAX Biotech reveals that we are “Advanced Antibody Explorers”, it also builds on the founders’ scientific aliases, Mats AA Persson and Daniel X Johansson.