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    Philip Nordenfelt, CEO

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Cytely’s technology solves problems that are universal among all microscopy users. By automatic image acquisition and analysis through AI and machine learning, time consumption and bias that comes from manual handling is almost removed. The product is a top-layer solution that can be applied to any motorized microscope and thus removes any need for new hardware purchases. In essence, the product increases quality and efficiency while minimizing bias in microscopy.

Philip Nordenfelt has a background in software and company development and has been fundamental in building an ambitious digitally driven bank in Kuwait. The technology behind Cytely is the fruit of several years of research performed in Docent Pontus Nordenfelt’s research group, together with Oscar André and Johannes Kumra Ahnlide, both PhD. The three of them co-founded Cytely together with Philip Nordenfelt.

Did you know?

We save weeks of expensive manual labor with every single run of our software.

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