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About the project

Life science is one of the ÖKS region’s most important sectors and also a sector where, through the many years of cross-border cooperation, we have created a position among the strongest life science clusters in Europe when it comes to innovation. However, the region is a small part of the world and there is an urgent need for companies to already at an early development stage think and act globally. Today there are many actors working on this, but there is a need to coordinate and collaborate in particular regarding the support to new companies.


The project partners aim to map and deepen their knowledge of potential collaboration partners, existing initiatives and the possibility of collaboration – all to promote innovation for smart and sustainable economic transformation and strengthen global competitiveness in the ÖKS region.
The project findings will be used to build a partnership, and to develop a structure for a future project to develop state-of-the-art programs for business support organizations so they can elp new companies and startups with their internationalization needs.

Short description

The pre-project will be driven by SmiLe Incubator and Medicon Valley Alliance, together representing deep knowledge and experience with guiding startup companies and with the supporting life science ecosystem around the Øresund. Involving also relevant stakeholders and other organizations, the project will perform three key activities: to analyze the current situation around support for internationalization (what does already exist, what have any earlier initiatives shown, where are any gaps), to investigate the partner landscape and map potential regional collaborators and their areas of expertise (which are relevant partners, what is their need), and to determine the scope and target group for the main project (what types of organizations, which geography within the ÖKS area, and how can the innovation ecosystem benefit).




SmiLe Incubator and Medicon Valley Alliance

Project Manager

Kristian Enkvist, SmiLe Incubator


Kristian Enkvist
Project Portfolio Lead and Senior Advisor


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