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Digital technologies and solutions are key in improving our health and care, but to really unlock their innovation potential, the reinforcement of digital skills and competences in addition to complementary skills, such as entrepreneurial and leadership skills is priority. Health2Innovation offers the opportunity an intensive 2-day training event where participants will learn global trends, challenges and opportunities associated with digital health and connect with a network of fellow entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe.


The mission of Health2Innovation is to inspire, mentor, train and empower students and graduates through the enhancement of skills needed by a digitally transformed health sector, in order to boost innovation and competitiveness of the European health market, address current societal and health challenges and facilitate the digital health transformation and the green transition of the sector.

Short description

Health2Innovation brings together higher education institutions, incubators, vocational education training organizations, SMEs, and tech experts from Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania to exchange knowledge and best practices, co-design and deliver a training course targeting students and/or graduates in Life Sciences, Medicine, Business, Engineering or ICT-related studies. The partnership will create a training course on the basis of each partner’s expertise knowledge and experience that will enhance learners’ understanding in key areas related to health, such as digital health, data literacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, biotechnology, and circular economy, as well as their entrepreneurial, digital and green skills. The partnership will also develop a digital learning hub and a mobile app and it will also bring to life Health Innovation Bootcamp and an Apprenticeship programme in innovative health clusters, namely Medicon Valley in Denmark and Sweden and the Lille Northern France Health Cluster.




Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI), Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), University of Valencia (UV), University of Patras (UPAT), Universal Certification Solutions S.A. (UNICERT), Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV), GrantXpert (GX), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support (CWEP), ISOB, Eurasanté, European Connected Health Alliance Group (ECHA), Computer Resources International Luxembourg (CRI)

Project Manager

Frida Fransson, SmiLe Incubator


Frida Fransson
Project Manager


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