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    Karin von Wachenfeldt, CEO

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Truly Translational

Truly Translational offers drug development and business development consultancy services, with access to pre-clinical lab services. Our mission is to help our customers to translate preclinical project ideas into efficient experimental plans and conclusive clinical trials.  Truly Translational is founded on solid scientific expertise and more than 50 years’ experience of drug research & development in both large pharma and biotech. We help our customers to bring drug projects from preclinical in vitro studies and animal models, via common biomarker strategies, into concept testing in patients. They have solid experience in working with both small and large molecules. Their key therapeutic areas are inflammation, respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases and oncology. As a member of the Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium they possess access to unique competence and capabilities within inhalation, where Truly Labs offers pre-clinical in vivo inhalation pharmacology services.

Karin has a strong scientific expertise in Pharmaceutical development of large and small molecules. She obtained her Ph. D from Dept. of Immunotechnology at Lund University. Karin has over 20 years experience from the pharmaceutical industry (BioInvent, Ixsys Inc. PharmaciaUpjohn, Active Biotech and AstraZeneca) developing drugs for cancer and Respiratory/Inflammation. At AstraZeneca R&D Lund Karin was instrumental in the implementation of translational science and biomarker strategies within the discovery projects, and worked closely with the early clinical organization. Since 2011 she is the CEO and co-founder of Truly Translational Sweden AB. To prepare for this new challenge she has complemented her scientific training and experience with a degree in marketing and leadership.

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