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Åke Bengtsson

Senior Business Advisor

Åke has extensive experience in business leadership. After beginning his career in large, publicly listed companies and moving into private equity, he has served in a C-level capacity in different industries. Åke has applied his business competencies to companies in software, global finance, IT, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing. As a Senior Business Advisor, Åke contributes his vast global business management experience to established startups, consulting in the areas of scale-up operations, and equity stories—to name a few. He holds degrees from Kristianstad University, Lund University, and the Scandinavian International Management Institute.

Business advising
Global operations
Equity story
Investor relations
Business restructuring


  • 33+ years leadership business experience
  • 17+ years as C-level executive

BSc Accounting and Business Administration
Certificate in IT and Commercial Law
Executive Master of Business Administration


Fun fact
Åke owns two Maine Coon cats – one of the world’s largest species of domestic cats!

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