Security Awareness in Cyberspace

SmiLe Business School welcomes our community member companies to this lecture held by our sponsors Zacco and their Digital Trust team.

About the workshop:

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving and the number of attacks on ordinary companies has been on the rise for many years.

In this presentation, Robert and Joakim will give an overview of the biggest threats to companies. A range of topics will be presented, including ransomware, social engineering and some of the biggest hacks in recent years.

Which threats could be a risk to your company, and why? What is the best way to prevent the most common attacks and make sure that your company is a little bit better protected than the rest?

Robert Bengtsson and Joakim Blomberg are two Cyber Security consultants from Zacco Digital Trust. They have both worked in both offensive and defensive security roles, including roles such as penetration testers and security architects.

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Key takeaways:

– Current cyber security landscape

– Current threats and what they could mean to your company

– How to increase your cyber security posture and prevent common threats

When: 6th of May 13:00 – 15:00

Where: Digitaly on Zoom (link sent seperately)

By: Zacco Digital Trust

For whom: Member companies of SmiLe community



May 06 2022






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