Introduction to NanoTemper Prometheus NT.48

Join an introduction to our newest instrument, the NanoTemper Prometheus NT.48, for nanoDSF!

nanoDSF allows you to easlily and precicely measure protein stability.

This instrument is sponsored by our new Gold Lab Sponsor Nanotemper.

The Prometheus NT.48 examines the conformational and colloidal stability of proteins and antibodies and enables researchers to find the optimal conditions for their samples and to make the right decisions early on in their projects.

Webinar content:

In this webinar you will learn the technical and theoretical background of the technology, including some application examples. Our application specialists will demonstrate how to use the system, and how to analyze your data. At the end of the session, you will get important insights in how the device can be used for your work and bring your research forward.


NanoTemper Prometheus NT.48 advantages:

You can immediately determine the optimal conditions for your sample (buffer-, purification-, storage-, formulation-, conditions, optimal labeling condition, chip-coupling, influence of additives, co-factors, mutations, find the optimal crystallization conditions, influence of compounds, yes/no binding, etc.) and make sure that is in good shape.

Determining the effects of certain conditions on the structural integrity of your protein gives you information about even minor changes, that you might not see in a standard activity ELISA, but that still can have an impact later on in the process.

This instrument is used by many companies and institutes world-wide (e.g. Bayer, Roche, Merck, GSK, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, etc.) and it is really a great help for them. We have many applications for various molecules (e.g. antibodies, membrane proteins / GPCRs, VLPs, etc.)”

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May 11 2021



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